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Synonyms in Oracle DB

Conquest Software Solutions shared info about synonyms in Oracle DB:
PL/SQL seems tough only at first sight. With a reasonable approach and logically structured materials, learning PL/SQL can be fun and easy. And who else other than a profound Oracle expert can teach you best? Ben Brumm with his brilliant blog on Oracle PL/SQL is here to answer all your questions. Everything you need to know about Synonyms in his “Complete Guide to Oracle Synonyms”:


Ok, Ben Brumm is a high specialist, but ConquestSS has a product that can help to learn Oracle DB without documentation. It's SQLDetective.
Here is the list of features for Synonym supporting by SQLDetective:
  • ObjectSelector (tree of Object Navigator) or item "Object / Create" in main menu allow to create a synonym for
    • any schema;
    • public;
    • supported object types (datasets, stored programs,..);
  • the Create and Drop statements are generated automatically into SQL Editor from popup menu of Object Navigator for selected object;
  • the private synonym can be renamed by popup menu of ObjectSelector or main menu "Object / Rename";
  • on typing statements in any text editor the Code Insight may show the list of available synonyms for connected user. Unfortunately, synonyms are not included into the Code Insight list (see "Preferences / Code Editors / Code Insight") by default;
  • the public and schema synonym can be included to object DDL if the "Preferences / General / Extract DDL / Built-in Engine / Include / Synonym" option is turned on;
  • code editors support the navigation to synonym or its parent object on "Ctrl+Click" (see "Preferences / Code Editors / General / Ctrl+Click on Synonym Navigates to..";
  • all public synonyms are grouped in one ObjectSelector folder;
  • the "Describe Object" feature (see "View / Describe" in main menu for selected object) shows the synonym and its parent object parameters – table columns, program parameters and so on;
  • as ObjectSelector shows the parent object of synonym so it's possible to locate the parent object in tree;
  • Query Builder allows to generate the DML statement on datasets and their synonyms.

Unfortunately, Synonym Wizard has "old" interface and DDL of changes is not shown automatically. Also, the synonym compilation is not supported by SQLDetective actions in main menu or popup menu in ObjectSelecor. And there are two unnecessary actions to switch activity and visibility of synonym.

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