четверг, 9 ноября 2017 г.

Data stolen

ConquestSS shared an article "41 Percent of Consumers Won't Do Business with a Breached Company" about data stolen:
According to the Data Breach Statistics collected by Gemalto, 213 thousand records are being lost or stolen every single hour worldwide. If you believe you are not exposed, think of Equifax. We bet they did not expect the leak would ever take place – nevertheless it did.
But for the loss of data itself, such leaks might cause the loss of trust, clients, and partners, and bring about serious expenditures.
To prevent the possible downturn, run regular security audits of your Oracle Database using ClearDB Documenter and detect vulnerable areas early in the lifecycle. Do not stay aside of the problem until it gets inside your Database.


Oh, why does ConquestSS talk only about ClearDB Documenter on suggesting to keep the DB security?
Does ConquestSS forget that DBA tools in SQLDetective (SD) are available to monitor DB, fast and easy fix many problems? DBA tools show info in a moment, save statistics, work faster than generation of Security Audit Report (SAR) by ClearDB.
As the most of SAR checks are the result of some select statement execution then SD user may do them by SmartDataset features: QBE, LOV, Filters, Query Builder + Build-In VCS Project. Unfortunately, on Docu generating there is no ability to select only some Checks. But if an SD user creates only necessary SmartDatasets then he/she is able to get results more faster than by SAR generation. If the SD user monitors DB by Database Manager, Top Session Locator, Database Monitor, Session Navigator, Storage Manager then the linked Object Wizards and SQL Editor may fix the detected problems in one click.

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